Best Looking Trans Women

Whether you are a transsexual or not, you’ll probably want to know which of the best looking trans women are out there. These are the girls who are taking the world by storm.

Best Looking Trans Women
Best Looking Trans Women

Valentina Sampaio

Whether you are looking for beauty inspiration or an insider’s perspective on the transgender community, Valentina Sampaio is a top transgender voice. She has blazed the trail as an outspoken advocate for trans rights, using her platform to fight for equality.

After making history by becoming the first trans model to grace the cover of Vogue, Sampaio is now breaking new ground in the fashion world. She has become the first trans model to make a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Candis Cayne

Throughout the 1990s, Candis Cayne was a New York City drag performer, appearing in numerous drag events, including the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). She later transitioned, becoming a performance artist, makeup and fashion stylist, and author.

In 1996, Candis became the first transgender actress to star in a recurring role on a primetime television series. Her character, Carmelita, was a trailblazer for transgender representation on television. Her storyline was inspired by a real medical breakthrough for the transgender community.

Lea T

Amongst the top trans fashion models is Lea T, also known as Leandra Medeiros Cerezo. She’s a Brazilian model who’s been in the fashion world for some time. She’s been on a lot of ad campaigns and has appeared on many magazine covers.

She’s been photographed for a number of high-end fashion brands. Her signature style includes a strong jawline and long, dark hair falling down her shoulders. She’s also a big fan of natural beauty products and fragrances. She’s also on the red carpet for several shows and has done some work for high-end cosmetics brand Redken.

Josie Totah

Whether you’ve gotten a glimpse of Josie Totah through the trailer for her upcoming Netflix show “Good People” or a peek into her recurring role on the fan favorite “Jessie”, you’ve probably heard of her. The actress is one of the most engaging and talented young stars in Hollywood, and her work has been recognized by several prestigious publications.

Totah has appeared in films such as Spider-Man: Homecoming and Other People. She also co-produced a web series called “Her Story”, which won the Prime Emmy Award in 2016. She’s been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, and has been recognized by the Human Rights Campaign.

Parinya Charoenphol

Known for her successful Muay Thai kickboxing career, Thai transgender fighter Parinya Charoenphol is also an actress, model and transsexual. Her biopic, Beautiful Boxer, has become a huge hit in Thailand. This award-winning drama was directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham, a Thai-born film director. It tells the story of a poor nomad and his struggle to earn money in the fight game.

During her young years, Charoenphol was a novice monk. At age twelve, she visited a temple fair. She was fascinated by an ancient ritualistic dance move.

Amiyah Scott

Throughout her life, Amiyah Scott faced adversity and bullies. She even moved out on her own when she was a teenager. She never let these things stop her from achieving her dreams. She even explored small entrepreneurship opportunities.

Amiyah landed a role in Lee Daniels’ Fox series, “Star.” Her role as Cotton is one of the best onscreen trans characters ever. She plays a trans daughter of a hairdresser in Atlanta. She helps launch the music career of an aspiring girl group.


During the past few years, transgender model Arisce Wanzer has made a splash in the fashion world, starring in a few projects including Kate Bosworth’s NONA and the Dr. 90210 sequel ‘Ex on the Beach’.

One of the newest shows on Oxygen, Strut, features several transgender models. It’s a revealing look at the paths of transgender women to success in the fashion industry. It’s executive produced by Whoopi Goldberg, who has been a vocal supporter of the trans community. Besides showing off a few cool transgender models, it also showcases the work of the Slay Models, an exclusive trans agency that is bringing its annual model search to Here TV.

Geena Rocero

During her TED Talk, Geena Rocero told the world that she was born as a man, but was able to legally become a woman when she was 17. The Filipino-born model has worked in the fashion industry for nearly a decade and is currently directing a documentary on the lives of Filipino-Americans. She is also an award-winning producer and writer.

The transgender activist is an advocate for the Free and Equal Campaign of the United Nations. She is the founder of the media production company Gender Proud, which focuses on stories of the transgender community. The organization also creates web series and digital-exclusive Logo TV series.