How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

Kissing is an important step in a relationship, but it can be nerve-wracking for both parties. There are some things you can do to get a guy to kiss you that will help take the tension out of it.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You
How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

Minimize the space between you, if possible. Stroke his arm, twirl your hair, or create some sort of ruse to physically draw him close to you.

Make Your Lips Kissable

Some guys are naturally nervous, and they need a little more prompting before they’re willing to close the gap from their lips to yours. Make it easy for him by having kissable lips.

Start by enhancing your natural lip color with a hint of lipstick or lip gloss that’s subtle and discreet. Then, apply a layer of hydrating lip balm to keep them soft and supple.

Playfully touch his arm or shoulder or nudge him in some way, but don’t be overly aggressive. This body language sends a clear message that you’re interested and that you’d like to physically connect with him.

When you’re alone together, stroke the back of his hand, touch his nose, or put your hands on his hips. These are all subtle ways to physically communicate that you want him nearer to you and that you’re ready for a kiss. It’s also helpful to find a private spot where you can be alone with him, preferably without any other people around.

Give Him a Confidence Boost

To make it more likely that he’ll move in for the kiss, try to break down the touch barrier between you. You don’t want to go overboard with this, or you’ll look desperate, but gently touching his arm, brushing against him, and even playing with his hands from time to time can give the signal that you’re ready for him to touch you – even with your lips.

Sometimes you just have to be direct and ask him for a kiss. This is hard for many guys, but it’s a good option if you’ve dropped every hint possible and he still seems hesitant. Just be sure you ask in a moment that feels sensual, like when you’re both laughing or feeling playful together. If you’re on a date, finding a way to be alone can help set the stage for a kiss, too.

Make Your Kiss Feel Heartfelt

If a guy wants to kiss you but isn’t quite sure how to go about it, he may be nervous. You can help him by making sure that the kiss feels heartfelt, which will build up the romantic tension and make it more likely that he’ll want to keep going back for more.

To achieve this, make your kisses brief but sensuous. Start by lightly grazing your lips against his for about two seconds. Follow it with several more small kisses that are slightly separated. This gives him a chance to get used to your lips and helps him build up the courage to kiss you again.

You can also convey that you’re receptive to his advances by sending out the right signals with your body language. Make sure you’re physically comfortable – don’t slouch or cross your arms. You can playfully nudge him or touch him on the shoulder or arm to let him know you’re open to physical connection.

Manage Your Breath

While kissing a guy, keep your breath as fresh as possible. You don’t want him to pull away from your lips because of bad breath. Brush your teeth before meeting up with him and bring gum or mints for the occasion.

Make sure you have enough personal space to fully enjoy the experience. If you’re with a group of people, ask them to leave so that you can focus on him without distraction.

If you can’t find a private place, try using some clever body language to get closer to him. For example, pretend to shiver and say you’re cold to move yourself a bit closer to him or dust some fake lint off his shoulder to get him to lean in to touch you.

Your hands can also convey a lot of information during a kiss. For instance, placing your hand on his back can send a very different message than slipping it underneath his arm.