How to Slide Into a Girls DMs

If you want to learn how to slide into a girls DMs, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through the Do’s and Don’ts of casually sliding into a girl’s DMs. From Emojis to Gifs, these are the tips you need to know.

How to Slide Into a Girls DMs
How to Slide Into a Girls DMs

Do’s and don’ts

There are a few dos and don’ts to slide into girls’ DMs. First of all, don’t be a creep. Sending multiple DMs will only come across as creepy. Instead, just give the girl you’re DMing a hint that you’re interested in chatting.

Next, you want to make sure your DMs are thought-provoking. Use questions and statements that will get her thinking. Avoid DMs with one-word responses or emojis. You want her to reply to you with a more detailed message.

Next, try to follow the girl you’re DMing on social media. It’s important to research the girl’s profile and make sure you’re talking to the right person. When you’re DMing someone who’s already in a relationship, it’s not only embarrassing, but also scary, so do your research.

Casually sliding into a girl’s DMs

Casually sliding into a girl’s Direct Messages (DMs) is a great way to get her attention without having to initiate a conversation. There are a few ways to make her feel special and wanted, without appearing to be desperate. For example, you could send her a message saying that you’ve seen her and are interested in her company. Or, you could leave a short message on her seen’s box. But whatever you do, don’t be clingy. Women will appreciate you putting forth the effort.

Firstly, don’t DM her after midnight. While this isn’t the best time for most girls, you should avoid sending generic comments that can be interpreted as flirtatious. Instead, try to send genuine compliments that can make her feel special.


A common mistake men and women make is attempting to slide into a girls DM without first saying ‘hi’. This tactic often works, but not always. It’s important to avoid generic conversation starters and emojis, since your message may not be received if she doesn’t want to hear it.

When sliding into a girls DM, you should make sure to use only positive words. Try using compliments that are playful, sweet, and romantic. However, remember to be subtle and avoid saying ‘You’re Hot’ because most girls don’t like these types of comments, which can come across as a bit too much flirting. Try to make your compliments honest and unique.

Another tactic that works well is to use the “reaction” emoji. It can be interpreted as a vague compliment about your body and clothes. It also signals curiosity. For example, if you’re into a band, mention your interest and maybe even share a song. This could be the first step to a date!


GIFs are one of the best ways to get into a girl’s DMs, but it’s important to use them in the right context. GIFs are often playful and can be used to make a girl feel special or to flirt with you.

One of the first references to the phrase was on Twitter, in August 2010, when a user tweeted, “wonder who u sliding into dms with today.” It spread from there, probably due to the rise of online dating sites. There is no universal definition of what exactly is meant by the phrase, but DMs are considered private conversations.

‘Check your DMs’

One of the best ways to get a girl’s attention is to use flirty language. Whether you are speaking to a girl over the phone or over the Internet, she will be more likely to respond to your messages if you use appropriate grammar and sentence structure. Girls are not grammar police and may simply ignore your message if you’ve used poor grammar.

Another way to get a girl’s attention is to offer her a phone number. You don’t have to spend much time doing this. If you’re trying to get her number through text, try sending her a text message with “hit me up here” as the subject. If she doesn’t want to talk on the phone, she can simply offer her number via her DMs.