How to Talk Dirty on the Phone With a Cougar

Hot Phone Sex With A MILF

Mature women can have the same sex appeal as girls in their twenties. Or better, they can be way sexier! A woman in her late thirties or forties definitely has had enough experience to know perfectly what she likes and dislikes in bed.

How to Talk Dirty on the Phone With a Cougar
How to Talk Dirty on the Phone With a Cougar

She’s usually confident, adventurous and she is perfectly sure about what she wants from men, unlike many young girls.

Luckily, there is good news: many of those smart, independent women are actually attracted to guys much younger than them! If you’re one of the potentially lucky toy boys out there, follow our advice about how to seduce an incredibly sexy MILF the next time you call our free trial phone sex line!

Don’t act childish. A cougar’s attraction for boys in their twenties is usually very different from the “daddy’s girl” fetish that is popular among mature men who like younger women. She may be attracted by your youthful attitude and looks, but she wants you to be a consenting and responsible adult.

Don’t call her “mommy” unless she explicitly tells you to do so. Don’t focus too much on the age difference. In other words: don’t tell her all the time that she is older than your mother!

We all know that MILFs are sexy, but regardless of that, don’t forget that media bombards women with the message that they should be young forever if they want to be attractive or desirable.

After all, when you’re a woman and a man overwhelmed by sexual desire, the age doesn’t count anymore, we promise!

Let her be in charge of her own pleasure. This should go without saying. When having wild phone sex with a woman, many men make the mistake of directing the scene themselves, as if their partner only was an actress with no power to decide what comes next.

A MILF definitely won’t accept this. The call is not exclusively for your pleasure, but for hers as well.

Now that you know everything about how to talk dirty on the phone with a cougar, don’t wait anymore: call our free chat line trials today and find the sexy woman of your dreams!