Looking For a Sexual Health Clinic in Chelsea?

If you are looking for a sexual health clinic in Chelsea, there are several options to choose from. The AIDS Center of Queens County is one such option. Another option is APICHA Community Health Center. This clinic also offers HIV testing and follow-up care for people who have HIV.

Looking For a Sexual Health Clinic in Chelsea
Looking For a Sexual Health Clinic in Chelsea?

AIDS Center of Queens County

The AIDS Center of Queens County is a New York City-based organization that provides a range of services, from HIV testing and prevention to case management and HIV/AIDS education. The Chelsea location offers walk-in services for women and men of all ages, as well as a variety of HIV/AIDS treatment options. Among the services available are confidential rapid HIV testing and counseling, early intervention, and HIV pharmaceutical services. It also provides free shipping and home delivery for clients who need it.

The Chelsea Clinic has reopened its doors after undergoing an extensive renovation. The clinic now offers HIV testing and treatment as well as vaccines for hepatitis A and B. The facility also offers rapid HIV testing and provides results within minutes. It also offers quick-start contraception.

The closure of the sexual health clinics has prompted widespread criticism from public health professionals and members of the LGBTQ community. Sexual health clinics are lifelines for low-income populations, and provide vital services for people who cannot afford private health insurance. But despite the controversy, recovery is underway. At the moment, four of the eight sexual health clinics are back in operation.

While the clinic is open Tuesdays and Thursdays, it is also closed on the third Tuesday and fourth Thursday of each month. The first Thursday is closed at 10am and closes at noon, but the third Tuesday is open until 11am. If the clinic reaches capacity, it may close early.

APICHA Community Health Center

APICHA Community Health Center is a sexual heath clinic in Chelsea that provides HIV and STD testing for adults and vaccinations for HPV and hepatitis A and B. It also offers the Chelsea Express STD testing service, which is convenient for those who have no symptoms and do not have time to see a doctor. The clinic also offers rapid HIV testing, with results available in just a few minutes. In addition, the clinic also offers syphilis testing within ten days of presenting with symptoms.

APICHA Community Health Center specializes in serving people of color, including the LGBT community. Many of its medical providers are HIV specialists, which is important if you have been living with HIV for some time. The clinic offers HIV testing, STD screening and cytology, vaccinations for STDs, and over-the-phone translation.