Love After Lockup Dating Site Review

Love After Lockup is a WETV series that follows couples who were able to find real life love while one person was incarcerated. It’s a very unique show that has made its way into the world of reality TV.

Love After Lockup Dating Site Review
Love After Lockup Dating Site Review

The show follows the riveting early stages of love, with plenty of romance, suspicion, and investigation long before a scheduled prison release. Every non-con has a unique strategy for finding love behind bars, whether it’s a drug offender who’s believed to be nonviolent or a prison bae pushing a wrongful conviction.

Angela Gail and Tony Wood

Love After Lockup is a show that follows pen pals who fall in love behind bars and get married once they’re released from prison. WE tv started the show in early 2018 and it quickly became a hit.

The original cast included Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes, Johnna DiGrigoli and Garrett Tanner, Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson, James Cristia and Alla Subbotina, Mary and Dominic Dalla Nora and Angela Gail and Tony Wood. The show spawned the popular spinoff Life After Lockup, which follows couples from previous seasons.

Despite the show’s premise, some couples actually found true love and got married or had children of their own. Others fell for the wrong person and had to end their relationship as they learned that their pen pal was cheating on them with other women.

Daonte and Nicolle

When Nicolle was released from prison, she went to her mother’s house with Daonte, who spoiled her rotten with nearly $3,000 in lovestruck gifts. Including Michael Kors watches, new sneakers, and Victoria’s Secret clothes.

Daonte, who is a realist when it comes to love, has been trying to work on his relationship with Nicolle since she was released. But his patience is starting to wane, especially after she starts dating her former prison girlfriend Tia.

During one episode of WE tv’s hit spinoff Love After Lockup, Nicolle gets a visit from her mother, Nika. Her mom warns Nicolle that she needs to hide her relationship from Daonte, but the jailbird doesn’t listen.

While her scheming tactics may seem to be going unnoticed by Daonte, his friends are worried about Nicolle’s naivety. And Nicolle might be in trouble if she doesn’t stop her scheme soon. She’s already tried to use Daonte before and it didn’t work out for the best.

Lindsey and Scott Bradshaw

Love After Lockup has a lot of drama, but one of the most interesting couples on the show is Lindsey Downs and Scott Bradshaw. After watching their relationship implode in current episodes, fans are eager to find out what really happened between them.

After a brief romance, Lindsey was dumped by Scott and got back together with her former lover. However, things quickly went south when Downs found out that her ex lied about purchasing a home for them.

It was a big turn-off for both of them, so they went their separate ways. But Downs’ anger got the best of her, and she ruined Bradshaw’s desk in his office.

Now, Lindsey has relapsed and is back behind bars. She’s in prison awaiting additional charges that could change her release date. She also faces probation, and her mom is worried about her getting mixed up with another inmate. But she says that she’s not going to let that get in the way of her future with Bradshaw.

Shane and Lacey

Shane and Lacey met on Love After Lockup when they were both in prison. He was already incarcerated for four years, while she was waiting for her longtime sweetheart John Slater to be released.

They fell in love, got married in a beach ceremony, and had a daughter together, Summer Rayne. But their marriage was not perfect, and they had their fair share of ups and downs.

After he was convicted of cheating on her, she ran back to him, but eventually repaired their relationship. They tried to conceive a baby together using in vitro fertilization.

But they hit another road block when Shane started communicating with men online. He was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which was a contributing factor to his depression.