Online Dating Coaches

Online dating coaches are a group of individuals who offer their services to singles who are looking to improve their dating skills and increase their chances of finding the right partner.

Online Dating Coaches
Online Dating Coaches

These coaches work with clients and help them with their dating skills, including how to find the right person, how to ask a person out, and how to create a profile. They also provide a range of other services, such as advising on lifestyle changes that will help singles to be happier.

Todd V

Dating is a skill. You can learn how to improve your dating skills and attract more women. Those who want to achieve success can find an online dating coach to help them.

Todd V Dating is an online dating coaching service. Its content includes how-to videos and relationship advice for men. The program is designed to teach guys how to approach, communicate with, and be more confident with women.

To date effectively, you need to understand the dynamics of power. If you are too bold or too pushy, you will turn off the woman. In addition, if you are too passive, you will not make a good impression.


VIDA is a matchmaking service that has helped hundreds of clients navigate the dating pool. Its team of expert researchers uses psychology, science, and math to help its clients fill their date calendars. In addition to helping individuals find a mate, VIDA also offers an educational blog with over 400,000 views a month.

As a company, VIDA has seen a big increase in female clients and profits in the past couple years. A large part of that growth is attributed to word of mouth. While there are certainly online dating services out there, VIDA’s reputation precedes it.

The company’s flagship offering, VIDA Select, is an online dating management service that goes above and beyond for its clientele. From the creation of an attractive dating profile to ghost writing communication materials, the VIDA team goes the extra mile to ensure their clients look their best.

Julia Spira

Online dating expert Julie Spira has been helping singles find love for more than two decades. As founder of Cyber-Dating Expert, she is a go-to for online dating advice. She offers a wide range of services, including profile critiques, text message advice, and pre- and post-date guidance. Her services range in cost from $150 to $3,500, depending on what level of service is required.

The media has taken notice of Spira’s expertise, as she has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Good Morning America, and CNN. She has also been featured in a number of online dating videos. In addition to her role as an online dating coach, she is also a digital matchmaker.

Owen Cook

Real Social Dynamics, or RSD, is an international dating advice firm that teaches men how to date and build a sexual relationship with women. Its figurehead is Owen Cook, a social psychologist and self-help speaker.

RSD’s founder, Owen Cook, was born in Ottawa, Canada on October 1, 1979. He studied philosophy at Queens University and began his entrepreneurial journey when he was in his mid-20s.

After a college breakup, Cook realized that he didn’t have any friends. He also had a deep depression due to his frustration. In 2003, he moved to the United States to further his knowledge of the dating industry.


Whether you’re interested in dating, marriage, or all of the above, a dating coach can be a big help. These professionals offer training and advice to improve your odds of finding a partner. Their advice may also help you deal with the inevitable pitfalls of online dating.

Evan Marc Katz is an entrepreneur and dating coach who has a knack for helping women navigate their way through the tangled web of dating. His service is geared towards those with a little bit of gumption and a healthy dose of ingenuity. He’s appeared on CNN, the New York Times, and USA Today. In the process, he’s been responsible for countless successful marriages.