Sexual Sayings That You May Have Heard Before

There are a number of sexual sayings that are used between lovers. Here are some examples of them: Ass Job, Dry humping, Summer cabbage, and Ass Quake. You may have even heard one of them before. There’s also the phrase “plop it” that refers to the act of plopping the testicles into someone’s mouth.

Sexual Sayings That You May Have Heard Before
Sexual Sayings That You May Have Heard Before

Ass Job

Ass Job is a sexual term for a technique in which a person grinds their buttocks against the penis, often using their hand. It is also known as “butt cheek sex” and “hot dog”. The term derives from the phrase “hand job,” which refers to a similar masturbation technique, but uses a hand instead of an intergluteal cleft. Sexual sayings about Ass Job can range from humorous to savage.

Ass job can be used in several different contexts, from joking with friends to being called an asshole. While it is commonly used for men, the phrase can also refer to a woman who is a prostitute.

Ass Quake

Ass Quake is an euphemism for penis rubbing, often paired with words like “titty fuck,” “outercourse,” and “cardinal George.” Similarly, it is a synonym for “cock dog,” “frottage,” “Princeton Rub,” and “princeton roll.” The term can refer to a wide variety of sexual acts. The term is commonly used in hip-hop to describe vigorous or thick sex. The rapper Big Sean uses it in his song “Mercy.”

Dry humping

During foreplay, it’s important to use dry humping sexual sayings. They can stimulate your clitoral area and get your partner excited. It is also important to start slowly but increase your pace as your excitement builds. Then, you can increase the intensity of your foreplay to reach orgasm!

In addition to the obvious benefits of dry humping, it is also a safer alternative to intercourse. In fact, it can feel more satisfying than intercourse. This is because it stimulates your clitoris, which doesn’t get enough stimulation during intercourse.

Summer cabbage

In slang, “summer cabbage” means “to have sex.” Other words used to describe the vagina include “mushroom” and “artichoke.” “Take your turn among the cabbages,” or “take a turn among the cabbages.”

“Aukse” means “young.” Aukse is a young girl. She has no friends. She does not understand friendships, but she loves to eat cabbage. She is also very fond of desserts, especially desserts with icing.


Anorgasmia is a sexual dysfunction that affects up to 30% of women. It makes women take longer to get aroused and require more stimulation. As a result, it can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction in relationships. The condition can also affect your partner’s self-esteem. Luckily, there are treatments available.

Anorgasmia can be frustrating for both partners, and it’s often caused by physical or psychological problems. It can be the result of menopause or hormonal changes in women, physical conditions, or relationship issues.


Pegging is a popular form of sex and is often performed by cis-females. It is a powerful way to subvert traditional sex roles and can be a fun, exciting way to connect with a partner. Pegging can also be a sign of sex sensitivity and an affirming experience for both the strapper and receiver.

Pegging is an arousal experience, and requires the appropriate arousal. The peggee must have consent to the activity. Pegging also requires a degree of concentration and attention to the relationship. A sexual partner should be able to communicate his or her preferences in real-time. A safeword can be a great way to create this dynamic.