Stem Lesbians

Stem lesbians are a complex and beautiful breed of women who blend masculine and feminine characteristics into their style. They can rock a short, masculine haircut and wear Instagram-worthy feminine makeup!

Stem Lesbians
Stem Lesbians

A racially-specific version of the term futch, stem refers to a Black or Latinx person who combines both stud and femme traits. It’s a term often used by the LGBTQ community.

Baggy Athletic Clothing

Stem lesbians are a growing subset of the queer community who blend their masculine and feminine tendencies to create what is essentially a hybrid. They can dress in a manly outfit one day and a girlie number the next.

Chromat is a brand that caters to this growing market by selling “future-forward bodywear” for all shapes and sizes. Their collection of performance and athletic clothing features items like a shape-shifting sports bra, “trans”-friendly workout pants, and even a pair of gender-neutral swimwear.

Stem lesbians wear baggy athletic clothing to add a sporty touch to their look, and it’s especially important for them to find clothes that properly fit their broader than average bodies. They also want to avoid items that expose too much of their stomachs and upper thighs during yoga or Pilates. This can cause pain and lead to injury. Fortunately, there are many brands making clothes that are designed to help queer women feel comfortable and confident in their body.

Men’s Cut Shirt

Stem lesbians are a group of queer women who don’t fit into the gender-based stereotypes associated with stud or femme. These girls combine masculine characteristics with feminine traits, often care about how they look, and are interested in expressing their gender through their fashion choices.

Men’s cut shirts are popular among stem lesbians because they are form-fitting and allow their bodies to show off more skin. They also are more breathable than most cotton tees and can be worn in the summer months.

Another great thing about men’s cut shirts is that they come in more colors and designs than many female-focused tees. This makes it easier to match a shirt with an outfit.

For pants, many stem lesbians will opt for below-the-knee cargo shorts, but you can also choose below-the-knee cropped or straight leg jeans if you want to show off more leg hair. 5-inch inseams are the preferred length for butches and studs, since they hit right between the hip and knee without giving you a wedgie.

Graphic Tee Shirt & Shorts

Stem lesbians like to wear a variety of clothes that straddle the line between butch and femme styles. They may go for a dress one day and jeans the next. They also like to mix up their accessories – something they may not have done in the past.

They also love to sport a tee shirt and shorts combination that is sure to get you noticed. A t-shirt with a cool print or design and a pair of shorts topped off with sneakers is the perfect summer outfit.

If you are a stem lesbian and are looking for a good pair of sneakers that won’t break your budget, check out this pair from Telfar. Their shoes are the best around and they look good on all shapes and sizes! Besides their footwear, they also sell T-shirts, hats, jewelry and other items. The brand is a must-visit for any lesbian fashionista. Moreover, it has a stellar customer service team that will help you out with any questions or concerns that you may have about their products.


A stem lesbian is a woman who is somewhere in between a stud and a femme on the sexuality spectrum. They may be more masculine than feminine but still share a feminine touch to their style and appearance.

They tend to care greatly about their appearance and like to dress in sexy, yet comfortable clothing. They are often well-groomed, and love sports.

Stem lesbians are not necessarily a group that is widely accepted in the mainstream. However, there are a few things that you can do to help them feel more included and confident in their gender expression.

One way is to wear an undercut dress. It’s a great look because it defies the traditional gendered boundaries of fashion and allows you to show off your bold and edgy side.