More Seafood Equals More Sex

Smells like fish, eat all you wish. We’ve all heard that common phrase about eating a nice juicy vagina, but seafood and sex may have more in common then we think.

A study shows that couples that eat at least seafood twice a week have more sex and are more prone to get pregnant. The protein-rich food boosts men and women’s sex drive and amps up their sperm and egg counts.

More Seafood Equals More Sex
More Seafood Equals More Sex

This research is coming from Harvard, too. Data says 501 couples that were trying to conceive were analyzed and 39 percent of them were more likely to have sex on days when they both had seafood.

If you haven’t been sexing it up on your local chat line, we have the top seafood that got these couples in the mood. Couples in this research were eating mostly fish or oysters, oysters have always been said to be an aphrodisiac.

If you plan on taking a caller out on a date after calling us up, we suggest you take them to a seafood restaurant. Couples who ate at least two portions a week banged an average of eight times per month, compared to just six times for those who didn’t scarf down the seafood.

A ridiculous 92 percent of seafood eaters got pregnant within one year, so if you’re just looking for a quickie or some casual fun, fend off the fish.

Health officials suggest eating two or three portions of seafood each week, but we suggest to call our phone lines for some dessert because you’ll be ready to go up stream to spawn with one of our callers.

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