Pegging Is For Everyone

Have you heard of pegging? It’s when a chick wears a fake cock and straps it on to her body. Then she fucks her man in the ass with it. That is what pegging is. Lots of guys have pegging fantasies but they don’t know how to ask for it because they feel embarrassed. Maybe they are worried that pegging makes them a little gay, but hey, there are plenty of scientific reasons why a guy would want to be fucked in the ass!

First of all the prostate is back there and it feels great to have that stimulated by anyone. Second, it just feels good to get penetrated. It’s just something different for most guys. If you want to experiment with talking about pegging before you do it then try a free trial chatline. This is when you just pick up the phone and talk about the dirtiest things you can think of before moving on to something else, like an in person hook up.

When you go out on a date you don’t know if someone will be open to your ideas about fucking. If you want to try pegging how will you know they won’t recoil in horror. If you meet someone from a free trial chatline then you will know that they are into it because you will have already talked about it. You will know they are into your kinks because they have already discussed it at length.

Perhaps they even have experience with it already! That’s what is great about fantasy chatlines. You can get to know someone before you meet and have some idea about how compatible you are before you ever meet up. Pegging is something that is fun for everyone involved so if you want to get in on it, pick up the phone line and give it a shot.

The Newest Casual Sex Trend

There are always new developments in the world of casual sex because people value their time more and more these days. With everyone working so hard in this gig economy people can’t always afford to take off work the next day after a hot hook up when they are all tired. They can’t very well drive their car-share being asleep at the wheel can they? So there is this new thing called the half-night stand.

It’s just like a one night stand except instead of spending a restless night being in the same bed as a total stranger, you get up and leave at a reasonable hour and go home for at least part of a good night’s sleep. You can find that it’s awkward to spend a whole night in bed with someone, tossing and turning. And now you can just get up and go home. Of course don’t just go right after the fucking is done.

Maybe stay and snuggle for like 30 minutes to an hour, and then peace out to your own bed with your own pillows and blankets. You will be in seventh heaven with this idea and you will have even more fun because you won’t be all tired out the next day. A free trial chatline is just what you need in order to make this half night stand happen.

You just pick up the phone and talk to sluts who live near you. Then when you find one you like you will make a plan to meet up, and have a hot shag. When the time seems right, you just leave. No awkward morning note or tired coffee talk. So get on the free trial adult sex chat line and try to make your own half night stand happen. It’s as easy as picking up the phone.

Phone Fun at the Holidays

When Christmas rolls around, some people get to be extra lonely. Sure, it’s understandable, everyone else in your family has someone special, and here you are alone. People are getting engaged, spending time with sweethearts and overall having a great time. Well, you can be happy to know that a free trial sex chatline for adults-only is running 24/7, even on Christmas, New Years or any other major holiday. If you are wondering what you could talk about at this special time of year, then you can just refer to these holiday roleplay ideas.

First of all, there’s nothing sexier than imagining a hot girl in a scanty Mrs. Claus outfit. That white fur trim and red velvet that is super hot on any chick. You can pretend to be Santa and your girl can be Mrs. Claus, and think of all the fun you can have with that. Or maybe you are a naughty elf and Santa’s darling has to spank you for everything you’ve done badly. The possibilities with that one are endless. If you get along well you can meet up in person for some fun roleplay that will keep away the holiday blues.

Or maybe you are the elf that has been keeping tabs on whether or not people are naughty. You have seen everything your partner on the free trial chatline has done and you need to punish them for it! It’s a powerful position and maybe you love to be in control.

It’s a great way to bring some holiday cheer into your life. Remember, this fun chat line is available all day every day even if it is one of those annoying holidays when every single other business is closed. There are always people who want to chat and get naughty so pick up the phone and try it!