Loose Your Anal Virginity With Phone Sex and Butt Plugs

So your partner wants to try anal but you never have? What can you do to learn before you actually try? You want to be good and know what you’re getting into but you want to experience it before you take the plunge right.

Loose Your Anal Virginity With Phone Sex and Butt Plugs
Loose Your Anal Virginity With Phone Sex and Butt Plugs

Anal sex can be tricky for a first timer and you should know how to stay safe while doing it, we all know the one thing that can turn you off is a pain but the best orgasm you ever have could be anal play!

Calling into the mobile adult chat lines can be a wealth of information on how to practice anal sex and anal play safely. Once you call in you can be connected to sexy strangers who have loads of experience with anal play and how to practice it safely.

Make sure you have all your supplies by your side so you can do what they say while you’re exploring this new world of possibilities. Lube and your flared anal plugs are going to be your best friends, as well as a towel underneath you if you are nervous about getting messy.

Your new anal plug guru can start you off by talking super dirty to you and getting you wet and ready to take that toy wherever you want it. You can tease yourself first by rubbing your wet pussy with the toys and spreading that lube you got all over making sure you’re primed to take a toy.

After that, they can walk you through slipping that new little plug into your ass slowly so you know how your partner’s dick should feel when it’s going in.

Anal play is going to be your new favorite after you have the phone chat lines walk you through all the fun and proper ways to practice! And your partner is going to love giving it to you too!