Things to Text When a Conversation Dies

Are you trying to revive a conversation that is dying? Here are some things to text when a conversation dies. Humor, Current events, Cliffhanger, etc. You might even try to find a hot topic that’s trending in the news. But remember, it can only be effective if you have a sense of empathy. If your conversation is dying, there’s still time to revive it.

Things to Text When a Conversation Dies
Things to Text When a Conversation Dies

Change in conversational direction

When a conversation is dying, the person who is in control of the direction of the discussion may want to start a new line. Pop questions are a common practice used by men to exert control over their female partners. Often, when the conversation dies, the male speaker is the next speaker to enter. These transitions occur in an organized manner. The gaps between the speakers determine how the topic develops.


There’s nothing like the euphoric glow of a well-chosen joke to bring the savor back into a dull day. But if you’re texting and the conversation is dying, there are some tricks that you can use to get your partner to reply. You should always keep in mind that humor depends on language, which is a fundamental requirement to fully express it.

There are evolutionary costs associated with humor. For example, vigorous laughter expends a considerable amount of energy. Moreover, it is noisy, which can attract predators. This is the reason why humor should be reserved for private conversations, or at the very least shared with others in the same situation. The point is that humor can help you to maintain a positive relationship with your partner, and it’s important to keep in mind that you should never use it for political reasons.

Current events

If you want to keep a conversation going, here are some tips:

Trending topics or current events: When conversation seems to be lagging, discuss current affairs and news. Topics that have the potential to spark discussion are controversial and interesting. Just remember not to sway people into an argument. Instead, ask them for their opinions and see what they think. You can also continue the conversation by discussing music, movies, or series. By using these tips, you can keep your conversations lively and alive, even after the conversation has died.


When a conversation dies, there are a few things you can do to salvage it. One of the best ways is to keep communicating with the other person. Find out what they like or dislike, and try to text them about them. Another great way to revive a conversation is to text about current events. If you don’t know what to say, look up the trending topics on your phone and start a new discussion.

If a conversation is dying, you can revive it by talking about current events, news, or trending topics. Those topics are bound to spark conversation. Try something controversial, but try not to instigate it. Instead, ask them for their take on the topic. You can also continue a conversation about music, movies, or television series. Here are some of the most popular conversation starters. Once the conversation starts flowing again, you can move on to more serious topics.