Three Tips for Riding Sexual Position

Riding sexual position involves moving your partner up and down in a circular motion. It requires more effort than moving backwards, so you must experiment before you can master this position.

Three Tips for Riding Sexual Position
Three Tips for Riding Sexual Position

According to Sean Jameson, founder of the Bad Girl’s Bible website, riding sexual position is more difficult than moving backwards.


The Woman-On-Top position is a very satisfying sexual position that lets you control and please your partner. As the name suggests, this position allows a woman to take control of the action and make her partner orgasm. This position allows you to squeeze your partner’s penis, which can increase the amount of pleasure you give him. In addition, this position allows you to see your partner’s breasts and caress them to increase your pleasure.

If you prefer to be on top, you should ask your partner to roll over so that you are both on top. This position helps you go longer without compromising your erection. In this position, the pressure on the uterus is less, so your partner can have a longer and deeper experience. The Woman-On-Top position is similar to yoga sex, and can even be used in tantric sex.

Reverse Sybian

In a reverse sybian, the woman on top of the male mount straddles him while facing away from the male. This allows her to control her movement and depth of insertion. She can even shift her weight to her back for a different feel. The male can hold onto the female’s legs and hips for additional support.

The position also provides a great show. The woman can rub her clit and breasts and is able to change her angle easily. The vibrations of the position can be incredibly stimulating and can give her a powerful orgasm.

Side Ride

A Side Ride is an alternative sexual position that requires both partners to lie on their backs. The man should bend his knees like he would when doing the Cowgirl position, and place his feet on the bed for leverage. The woman in this position is sideways on the partner’s lap and can sit on either side of his chest.

The woman can also focus on fondling his balls, kissing his chest, or sliding off his penis if she needs a break. The key is to be confident and not self-conscious as this will prevent her from enjoying the act. Remember, a man will always prefer a woman who is enjoying herself.


The Lotus riding sexual position is a fun, easy way to create intimate sexual moments without penetration. It can be performed with either a man or a woman. The bottom partner can use her hands behind her back, and the top partner can grab her hips or put weight on her wrists. Here are three tips for making this position a great sexual experience.

The Lotus riding position can be done in the privacy of your home, with your partner facing away from you. It’s a very intimate way to connect with your partner, and it also works well for breasts and anal sex. Although it can be a bit tricky for some people, you can modify it to fit your body type.

Crab-walking stance

Crab-walking stance is very similar to the crab walk, which you might be familiar with from P.E. class. Start by placing your hands behind your back. Then, slowly lean backwards. As you do, lift your pelvis up and lower yourself onto your partner’s penis. This will create a perfect sex position for both partners.

If you’re looking for a sex position that requires less forward bend, you should try the reverse cowgirl position. It’s similar to the crab stance, but requires a lot more work on the part of the female partner. The female partner will lean back, grind his or her back, or ride his or her cock up and down.


The Woman-in-charge riding position is one of the more popular forms of dominance sex. This position requires you to lie down on your back with your partner straddling you around the waist. She will then lean on her knees and guide your partner’s penis into her mouth. She can also do figure-eight gyrations in this position.