Boondockers Welcome Reviews

Whenever you are choosing an RV campground, it is important to know what to expect. You will need to learn about the rules and regulations of the park, and about the courtesy contract. You will also want to learn about the host’s rewards program, and the basic RV camping etiquette.

Boondockers Welcome Reviews
Boondockers Welcome Reviews

Basic RV camping etiquette

Whether you are just a boondocker, or are looking for a new place to visit, there are a few basic RV camping etiquette rules to keep in mind. Some are obvious, while others aren’t. These tips can help you enjoy your next campout, and make your neighbors happy too.

First of all, don’t block your neighbor’s view. That doesn’t mean you need to encroach on their space. Just keep your noise levels low and your views to a minimum.

Similarly, don’t park your rig in front of a neighbor’s rig. While you might think you’re saving time by cutting through their site, you’ll likely end up adding extra walking to your day.

Also, make sure you use a motion light. They aren’t that expensive and some are solar powered. You don’t want to bother your neighbors with bright lights at night.

Lastly, while it’s great to have a fire, you shouldn’t burn it all the time. This is a bad campground etiquette and can get you in trouble.

Courtesy contract

Getting a free ride at the drop of a hat is the newest trend in town. A plethora of sites, including Airbnb and VRBO, have sprung up in recent years. A savvy shopper can snag a spot at the best price, and avoid the hassles of driving around looking for a room. Fortunately, most hosts are receptive to meeting new guests, and will even take the time to show off their city. In the end, the hard part is not finding the best place to stay, but rather deciding which ones to pick.

Having a host with a nice abode is also a treat, but it is not without its drawbacks. A host’s patience can be taxing, and a well vetted stranger may ax your well intentioned host for the same reason you dole out the cash. A little research into local boondocking hotspots can go a long way towards finding the best deal. Some hosts even have special “loitering” rules of engagement, including free WiFi and a game room.

Host rewards program

Thousands of hosts across North America participate in the Boondockers host rewards program. Hosts have the option to offer their property as a guest accommodation or to provide electric and water hookups for RVers. Guests can stay for as little as a couple of nights or for a week.

Guests can search for a host using the Boondockers host rewards program website. Each host has their own profile and they indicate whether they charge for electric and water. Some hosts offer hookups for free and others charge a nominal fee. Some hosts are located in residential areas, so big rigs can be difficult to maneuver.

A Boondockers host can choose to accept up to five nights of guests at one location. For longer stays, guests are required to switch hosts. Many hosts will meet outside to show their facilities to their guests.

Boondockers host rewards program has a rewards system that differs by status tier. Members earn rewards by participating in activities. However, the rewards cannot be sold, traded, bartered, or duplicated.

Rules and regulations

Whether you are an avid RVer or you just want to upgrade your camping experience, you might consider joining Boondockers Welcome. It is an online community that connects travelers with stationary RV hosts. The community has a great reputation and a lot of positive reviews.

It is easy to join. You create a user profile on the site and search for hosts in your area. Once you find a host, you can contact them and discuss your plans. If you have questions, you can ask them in the host’s profile. You can also ask other guests to leave a review. Leaving a review helps other guests know if they should request a particular host.

You can stay for free at most of the Boondockers Welcome hosts. Most hosts will allow you to stay for one to five nights. You must pay to stay longer than that. However, you can switch to a different host location for a longer stay.