How Can I Contact a Canadian Inmate?

Often, we are faced with questions like, “How can I contact a Canadian inmate?” It can be a confusing question because there are many different ways to do so. Luckily, there is a place you can go to find information. That place is the Canadian Inmates Connect Inc.

How Can I Contact a Canadian Inmate
How Can I Contact a Canadian Inmate?

Saul Betesh

Having spent more than a decade in the penitentiary, Betesh has seen his fair share of time outs and abouts. The most intriguing part of his solitary confinement may be his latest mate, Robert Wayne “Stretcher” Kribs. Despite a long list of infractions, Betesh is still one of the happiest inmates in the province. In a state where the law is seldom a stranger, Betesh has managed to keep a positive attitude, a trait that he credits to his wife, Lillian Betesh.

As a former hustler, Betesh is not averse to a good old fashioned brawl. He has a lengthy criminal history that stretches back to the early aughts, and the plethora of crimes he has committed over the years are too numerous to count.

Luka Magnotta

Known as the “Canadian Psycho”, Luka Magnotta has been serving a life sentence in Quebec prison since 2012 for the murder of his Chinese lover. According to reports, he filmed himself dismembering his victim and mailed bits of the body to schools, political parties, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

After spending four years in jail, Magnotta tried to escape, and was arrested in a Berlin cafe. He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. He is believed to have faked symptoms to try to capitalize on his insanity plea.

According to his profile, Magnotta is a former medical student who is nearing completion of an MBA. He also describes himself as being a narcissist and attention seeker.

He lists his expected release date as 2037. He describes himself as being in shape, white, and 28 to 38 years old. He provides a mailing address for Archambault Penitentiary in Quebec.

William Sandeson

During the trial, William Sandeson was found guilty of first degree murder of Taylor Samson during a drug deal. According to the evidence, Sandeson shot Samson in the back of his head. In addition, DNA matching Samson’s genetic profile was found in items seized from Sandeson’s Henry Street apartment, and from items seized from his family farm in Truro.

Sandeson was convicted of first degree murder and is now serving a life sentence. The case was originally thought to be a large marijuana deal, but after the police arrived at the scene, they were convinced there was foul play.

When they found Sandeson’s apartment, they discovered a number of items that were valued at around $2,500. They also saw blood stains on the table and a tarp. They were afraid that someone had made a drug rip and that Samson was the victim.

Betesh Fazzina

Using the Internet in jail isn’t easy. Especially in Canada where most inmates don’t have Internet access at all. One woman is trying to make a go of it. She’s a Toronto mom who created a website for inmates.

She has since taken up a public role as an advocate for inmates. A spokeswoman for the Correctional Service of Canada said it’s not a bad idea for inmates to communicate with each other, but she declined to comment on Canadian Inmates Connect. She noted that it’s not the only website to do the trick.

The company’s main product is a matchmaking site. There are more than two thousand inmates listed on the site, with more being added each month. Some appear to be looking for love.