How much sex should you be having?

dirty conversations lead to having more sex

Everyone, whether they are in a relationship or not always has that thought in the back of their, “Am I having as much sex as this or that couple?” Our society is always judging the norm by comparing one thing to another, if it doesn’t match up to the perceived norm then it is deemed not acceptable in our society.

How much sex should you be having
How much sex should you be having?

This is the same when it comes to sex, you one time in your life probably wondered if you should increase the freak in the bedroom after reading all these posts on our blog about sex, it’s health benefits, positions, sex toys and slang.

If you are one of those people or couples that are exhausted every single day from work and then have to come home to a house full of hungry and needy kids, you’re going to be happy with this new research.

Not everyone has the lifestyle to just come home, drop their briefcase and purse and have hot, steamy kitchen sex like in the movies. In reality, research suggests you don’t have to have sex every day to get all the rewards of sex, in terms of happiness and relationship closeness.

A recent study found that people that are married or in a committed relationship who had more sex reported feeling happier, even if the sexual frequency was once a week. Those who fucked like jackrabbits said if they banged four or more times a week they did not feel any happier than those who only got it on once a week.

The study found that sex boosted happiness because it makes people feel more satisfied in their relationship, wanted and sexier. It really all depends on what is the right number for you and your partner to be happy with sex life.

A weekly fuck could suffice for your partner, but you might be a horndog and want to tap that ass at least 5 times a week. Also, some couples pure happiness is all centered around sex while others may see happiness in compliments, nice gestures and as well as sex.

You always want to be in an open conversation with your partner about sex. For some couples, the question doesn’t even have to come up, which is a compliment to how close you two are as an actual couple.

Other couples need to have the talk, which can be awkward for some. It shouldn’t ever be compared to other couples or what you read, it should be a commitment and a plan that works for your life and schedule.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not everyone enjoys a nice piece of ass every so often and if you aren’t finding it on dating sites or apps or your local hot spot then pick up the phone and call our hot phone chat lines. Our chat lines bring happiness to so many different types of people and it’s so easy being just a phone call away.