How much sex should you be having?

Everyone, whether they are in a relationship or not always has that thought in the back of their, “Am I having as much sex as this or that couple?” Our society is always judging the norm by comparing one thing to another, if it doesn’t match up to the perceived norm then it is deemed not acceptable in our society.

How much sex should you be having
How much sex should you be having?

This is the same when it comes to sex, you one time in your life probably wondered if you should increase the freak in the bedroom after reading all these posts on our blog about sex, it’s health benefits, positions, sex toys and slang.

If you are one of those people or couples that are exhausted every single day from work and then have to come home to a house full of hungry and needy kids, you’re going to be happy with this new research.

Not everyone has the lifestyle to just come home, drop their briefcase and purse and have hot, steamy kitchen sex like in the movies. In reality, research suggests you don’t have to have sex every day to get all the rewards of sex, in terms of happiness and relationship closeness.

A recent study found that people that are married or in a committed relationship who had more sex reported feeling happier, even if the sexual frequency was once a week. Those who fucked like jackrabbits said if they banged four or more times a week they did not feel any happier than those who only got it on once a week.

The study found that sex boosted happiness because it makes people feel more satisfied in their relationship, wanted and sexier. It really all depends on what is the right number for you and your partner to be happy with sex life.

A weekly fuck could suffice for your partner, but you might be a horndog and want to tap that ass at least 5 times a week. Also, some couples pure happiness is all centered around sex while others may see happiness in compliments, nice gestures and as well as sex.

You always want to be in an open conversation with your partner about sex. For some couples, the question doesn’t even have to come up, which is a compliment to how close you two are as an actual couple.

Other couples need to have the talk, which can be awkward for some. It shouldn’t ever be compared to other couples or what you read, it should be a commitment and a plan that works for your life and schedule.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not everyone enjoys a nice piece of ass every so often and if you aren’t finding it on dating sites or apps or your local hot spot then pick up the phone and call our hot phone chat lines. Our chat lines bring happiness to so many different types of people and it’s so easy being just a phone call away.

Sweden Wants To have Paid Lunch Breaks For Sex

This Swedish politician is bringing the song “Afternoon Delight” to reality for his employees in Sweden. A politician in northern Sweden wants to give employees in the area a one-hour paid lunch break so they can go home and have sex. Yes. You read that right. A paid lunch break and you get to have sex, where is the application?

Sweden Wants To have Paid Lunch Breaks For Sex
Sweden Wants To have Paid Lunch Breaks For Sex

Per-Erik Muskos who is on the city council of Overtornea on the Arctic Circle has made “a serious and formal” proposal Monday to help promote childbirth.

Muskos says the proposal is killing two birds with one stone because sex is a great form of exercise, so by allowing the employees to use their fitness hour to have sex he is getting a 2-for-1. He also added that the benefits of sex could improve employee morale within the office.

According to Muskos, the municipality’s 550 employees are going over his proposal before it is officially gone over by the city council in a few months. Surprisingly, there has been some negative responses to the proposal.

Who wouldn’t want to get their freak on during work and get paid for it? Some negative reactions came from elderly employees who are embarrassed to talk to their other employees about banging in the bedroom during lunch hours.

This proposal is perfect for giving you time to call up our phone chat lines to meet up with a hot single who is looking to bang on their lunch break. Or you can hit up our phone sex lines and connect with someone for a little kinky talk.

Not only are you getting paid to bust a nut, but also with our free trial for first time callers it’s literally killing two birds with one stone.

A lot of people call into our phone chat lines from the comfort of their home, but many actually call in from their office too. With this proposal of a one-hour paid lunch break to have sex you’re literally just a phone call away from getting off at the office.

Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women

Fellas who notoriously and conveniently have to be somewhere the second they are done having sex are disappointing women across the country. A new study shows that women enjoy sex 30 percent more when their partner stays for a cuddle or spooning session after the dirty deed.

Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women
Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women

The study by the Sex Information and Education Council found that cuddling is just as important to women as foreplay. So if you meet someone on your local chat line, we suggest staying and canoodling after the sex is done.

Obviously men aren’t taking in these stats, 53 percent of men ditch their partner after sexual intercourse. Guys! Stay with your girl after satisfying her, there is a better chance of it happening again if you cuddle afterwards. The study claims cuddling will better the chances for another freak session.

Most women get turned off when their partners just turn over and pass out right after sex. This makes women feel unsatisfied and typically used when their partners immediately lose interest right after sex.

Cuddling and just talking or joking around after sex stimulates a woman’s sense of appreciation. Cuddling after sex can also be a start up for round two.

Even though you may be exhausted, hot and sweaty from fucking, that doesn’t stop your dopamine from being released during your cuddle session. Yes, you may need a breather, but cuddling increases your sexual desire. Cuddling can lead up to a second serving up sex along with making a happier relationship and helping with affection.

That’s why you need to cuddle up next to your cell phone or landline and call our phone chat lines for some intimate fun. We have hot singles for a quickie, but there are also singles looking for something more on our chat lines.

We have connected couples into long-term and serious relationships, a statement to the realness of our local and live chat lines. Kind of like the statement a man can make by cuddling with their partner after sex, just like you made the effort to call up our phone chat lines, seal the deal with a nice cuddle spell.

Safer Dates Are Better Dates

Safety is an integral part of many things, and dating is assuredly on that list. Be safe with your contact information and personal information. Remember that you still have not met the other person one-on-one yet.

Safer Dates Are Better Dates
Safer Dates Are Better Dates

Some people choose to have a secondary Facebook account or use email chat services to continue talking with the other person and communicating with them, even if will be traveling a distance.

A benefit of phone chat hotlines; as long as you set up times in advance to touch base and talk, you could also use the phone dating service. One of the benefits is that you can keep more of your personal details closer to your chest until you know more about the person and feel the person is someone that you trust with that information.

Have a date buddy set up.

Let a trusted friend or two know that you are going on a date, where you are going, and what time the date is. Check in with them once or twice per date to let them know how the date is going and that you are okay.

Do not spend too much time doing this, but make sure that there is communication with your date buddy. If the date unexpectedly changes locations, let them know where you are going and how long you anticipate being there.

If you know someone in the city that you are traveling to, for long distance dates, it may be a good idea to let them know that you are in town as well. Sometimes it makes sense to have a backup plan in case you decide that you want to get out of the date. A person that lives in the city you are going to is often a good choice.

With phone dating, a higher percent of dates go well than many other types of dating services, so odds are your preparations won’t get used for anything. Still, having them is a comfort and just in case is a smart idea.

To Pay Or Not To Pay (On Dates)

When it comes to paying for dates, there are mainly three strategies that people consider using. More often than not, people already have predetermined opinions on what should happen on dates, as well as who pays.

To Pay Or Not To Pay (On Dates)
To Pay Or Not To Pay (On Dates)

While many people consider it to be old-fashioned, many people also find it to be generous and gentlemanly. The topic is whether or not men should pay on dates.

Some people believe that men should be the providers and should woo females. Even though a lot of this thought process has gone by the wayside, it can still be a nice gesture to pay for your date. The thing is, either person can offer to pay when the bill comes.

Alternating who pays for dates is another way that can both help keep it “fair” in some people’s minds. With both people footing a more or less equal amount of dollars going into the relationship, it can help prevent resentment because of money.

Another way to avoid potential resentment is to not pay too much attention to how much each person has put in. Relationships are built around supporting each other and keeping track of things too much or before they become perceived problems can put unnecessary strain on the relationship.

The last strategy people tend to use is for each person to pay for themselves. While this may change as the length of the relationship gets longer, it can be a fantastic strategy at any point in people’s dating lives.

This concept eliminates expectations and helps create a situation where people can more easily fit their dating lives into their budgets.

Unfortunately, dating often costs money. Coming up with good thoughts and strategies on how to manage your money, time, and relationship interactions can help make your phone dating life much more productive and happier to boot.

How To Use Feedback In Phone Dating

The world is a community, just like this site. Many people try to go it alone and get by, but remember that we are all a team in the sense that we are all looking for happiness and can help other people find it through honesty, tact, and feedback.

How To Use Feedback In Phone Dating
How To Use Feedback In Phone Dating

This site is dedicated to providing excellent information and assisting all callers in finding love, relationships, or sex. Input and advice doesn’t just come from our website though. There are plenty of other places that it can come from.

One of the most significant places to get feedback is from your friends. Friends tend to see your world from the outside and can offer a perspective not only about date ideas and the people that you are talking to, but they also provide a good ear for your excitement or venting.

Let some of your most trusted friends know about the people you are talking to or going on dates with. They can be crucial to understanding your tendencies and giving advice that may positively affect your dating life.

Remember though, that getting advice from a full range of people can be a good plan. Some people tend to be better at dating, and their thoughts may be valuable. There are also people that have a calm demeanor, and others you trust more to consider many sides when giving advice.

Lastly, the most significant benefits of getting feedback come from sharing your most happy and positive dating moments with your friends. Let them know to remind you of what made great dates so special and the types of communications you appreciate.

Keep what you like and are looking for fresh. Pick a friend or two and let them know the happy moments, no matter how small. This can help keep things positive, but also, the information can be used to remind you of the way you might want to be when you date both on phone dates, and in-person dates as well.

Bet You Haven’t Heard All These Dating Tips

It seems everyone is talking about the most popular dating tips. Common ones are making good first impressions and avoiding conversation about any of your ex-partners. There are a few tips, though, that people tend not to talk about nearly as much. Have you heard these tips? Which ones do you apply, and which ones do you utilize?

Bet You Haven't Heard All These Dating Tips
Bet You Haven’t Heard All These Dating Tips

Underutilized Tip # 1- Turn Off Your Phone

One of the biggest pet peeves that people have on dates is that people are talking on their phones, texting people, and chatting on messenger programs during dates.

While sending an update once or twice about the date is fine, especially if it at a fun place, keep your phone out of your date as much as possible. The less you interact with your phone, the more your date will feel they are getting your attention.

Underutilized Tip # 2- Plan Dates For Places You Feel Comfortable

Hopefully, the other person on the phone date is honest about what they want and their interests as well because that means there is a higher likelihood that you will both end up in a place that the two of you like.

The same goes for wearing clothing that you feel comfortable in. If you try to change yourself for the date, or go to places you aren’t comfortable, it can add more stress to the date and change how well the date goes.

Underutilized Tip # 3- Follow Through Correctly

This one is out there; people already know it is essential. Still, many seem to fail miserably at it and fail a lot more often than they should. Don’t be that guy or girl. Regardless of how the date went, send a follow-up.

Most of the time, a polite thank you is a good thing even if you don’t plan on another date. Just make sure to let them know that you don’t want another date if that’s the case.

There are many more tips in the articles here. Learning them and using the ones that speak to you is just the smart thing to do. However the best way to get tips is to call a sex chatline and first hand experience.

Chat Lines Are A Great Escape When Aunt Flo Comes To Visit

You know all the signs: bloating, cramping, achy and easily irritated. Craving sweets or something salty, so you have both! It all seems random until it dawns on you that Aunt Flo is coming for a visit!

Chat Lines Are A Great Escape When Aunt Flo Comes To Visit
Chat Lines Are A Great Escape When Aunt Flo Comes To Visit

Your monthly friend, or your monthly menace – no matter what you call your time of the month, it can put a serious damper on your social life. Whether you’re breaking out or just bitchy, you’re in no mood whatsoever to get dressed up to go out.

Curled up on the couch in your comfy clothes and maybe a few classic romance movies, hanging up on your bestie when she insists that you need to hit up this new club with her – that’s all totally understandable, but it’s certainly no reason to spend your time alone!

The bad news is, nothing you do will make your period pass any faster. The good news is, you can still find romance, even when you’re feeling your worst. And the great news is, you can do it all from your smartphone! Sex chat lines are a woman’s best friend, besides midol, ice cream and tampons, during this time of the month.

There are thousands of men in your area who want to talk with you, without all the stress of dressing up to meet them. Handsome, sweet local guys who’d love to spend an hour on the phone, getting to know you!

It’s important to know, before you venture out of your red tent, if someone is worth the time and effort, right? Chat lines give you the chance to find a few keepers. Guys you can get to know during the worst you can feel, physically, so that when your Aunt Flo finally leaves, you can feel confident actually going out to meet!

Because you’ve already learned who can take you at your most miserable, who can lift your spirits, and who put butterflies in your belly in spite of how you’d ordinarily feel. Phone lines that offer chat help you connect and continue your pursuit to find “the one”, no matter what your circumstances may be!

Phone Sex Chat is Fun When You Wake Up Alone

Have you ever woke up super turned on?  It’s too late and too much trouble to make a booty call, you have work the next day. Next time you wake up horned up try getting your rocks off with phone sex chat. On phone sex chat you can dial up the fun anytime and add a whole new element to your next jack session.

Phone Sex Chat is Fun When You Wake Up Alone
Phone Sex Chat is Fun When You Wake Up Alone

Late night is the perfect time to call because the party goes all out with plenty of curious kinksters on the line. You can have a mind blowing sexy encounter from the comfort of your cozy bed.

At phone sex chat the fun never stops with 24/7 all access to sexed up singles and couples looking to connect with others for naughty adult fun on the phone.

The only requirement for phone sex chat is that callers be over 18. Phone sex chat is free for everyone to try and ladies always chat for free so there’s plenty of potential partners ready to play.

Another awesome thing about phone sex chat is that everyone on the line is local, so taking it beyond the phone is a very real possibility. At cheap phone sex chat there are no professional operators or scripted conversation, just real people seeking sexy encounters in a discreet and safe way.

Next time you wake up ready to fool around, give phone sex chat a go!  You are guaranteed to have fun and go back to sleep with sweet dreams and a smile. Happy chatting!

Avoid the Friendzone With Phone Sex Chat

Are you crushing on a girl who has you firmly in the friend-zone? That dreaded ‘just friends’ space can be frustrating, but following these simple tips just may shake things up and get you out of the friend-zone and into the boyfriend territory.

Avoid the Friendzone With Phone Sex Chat
Avoid the Friendzone With Phone Sex Chat

First, don’t be constantly available and at her beck and call. Act like you are too busy to entertain her when she is bored, even if you aren’t busy. By making your time a commodity she won’t be able to take for granted that you are going to come running anytime she chooses.

Second, pretend you have met someone online. Just casually mention you have met a cool girl, don’t give many details let her imagination run wild. Next time she asks you to do something say no, you have plans to game or watch a movie with your online love interest. This increases your value and how she responds to taking a back seat when it comes to your time and attention will tell you a lot.

Finally, have some fun with other girls on phone sex chat. Broadening your focus beyond your ‘friend’ will be good for you and show her you aren’t her bitch. Phone sex chat is free for everyone to try so there’s plenty of singles and couples who are local to you looking to connect for spicy adult encounters. Phone sex chat is a great place to have anonymous sexy phone fun. Give the friend-zone the boot and connect with girls who wanna have fun at phone sex chat today!