Awesome Reasons To Have Sex

Awesome Reasons To Have Sex

Sex is awesome and that’s a pretty awesome reason to have it, but there are real science based facts that prove sex is good to have for a host of other reasons. So lets start out with a fact. Sex feels good. One of the reasons that sex feels so good is that our brain releases dopamine while we have it. We’ve talked multiple times about the brain and sex in our blogs, but we will reiterate here that it is our biggest sexual organ!

And when you call in for a sexy phone session, you are using your entire brain in the process. Talking about sex gets our noggin firing on all fronts, so it can be extra pleasurable in the end.

Another really cool fact backed by science, is that people that have sex a few times a week have higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which helps us fight off infections and the flu! The best part is that if you aren’t hitting that number with a partner, it doesn’t matter! Pleasuring yourself has all the same cold fighting benefits, just don’t overdo it. People that had no sex or too much sex had fewer immunoglobulin’s floating around in their system, so you just have to find that “a few times a week” sweet spot!

Having trouble sleeping? Have some sex! There is always a little truth to a joke and one of the biggest giggles you can have over sex is that some people, both guys and girls, fall right asleep after a big O. Once again, there is a reason and according to science, it’s because our brain releases all sorts of hormones, one of which is serotonin and it makes us want to cuddle or in some cases just go to sleep!

So that means instead of popping a sleep aid, you should call our one on one lines and get your hot sex chat session on. In the end it might be just what the doctor ordered for getting a really good nights sleep!

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