Better Phone Chat Sex

Better Phone Chat Sex

Sex education never ends. As a matter of fact, we feel its important to make a point of keeping yourself in the know and looking for new and fun ways to get better at sex and keep it from getting old and stagnant.

A great way to do this is to call into one of our one on one lines and live out new fantasies with one of our sexy community members. Below, we will give you a few other ways to keep your sex life growing and improving by leaps and bounds.

Give you and your significant other an entire night to be intimate. This can be especially important if you’ve been with your partner for a long time and sex has turned into a fifteen-minute thing you do just to do it.

But if you head into the weekend with the idea that you are going to have all night sex like you used to when you first started dating, the sparks are going to fly. If you don’t currently have a partner to party all night with, call in for a one on one phone conversation and see how long you can make it last!

Another great way to have a sexy night with your partner is to find porn you both like. Watching a naughty movie with a lover can be a real turn on and you may find something new that interests you both enough to want to try.

Maybe a new position? Maybe something a little kinky? Or maybe you can both call in to a one on one phone call and have a virtual threesome!

And lastly, do yourself a favor and google the Kama Sutra. No seriously. It will give you a TON of ideas on how to spice up your sex life both in person and on our phone lines. There are so many sex positions out there and the Kama Sutra is like the holy grail of them all.

Pick one or ten to try with your partner or pick a few and give one of our lines a call. Remember if you are calling in for a little sexy phone fun, you need to be descriptive, so use your imagination and talk about everything you are doing and how you are doing it!

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