New Year New You On The Phone

New Year New You On The Phone

We are well on our way into 2018 and resolution talk is still a buzz. One of the big ones we hear is New Year New You. Typically that means dieting and exercising, but what if you hate to exercise?

Well all is not lost! For a boring but true fact, diet accounts for 80% of the weight we gain or lose. So there’s that. But lets take a look at a fun fact and see how many calories we burn during sex! Yes, burn calories during sex!

Think about it. When we have sex it can be quite the cardio workout, especially if there is a lot of aerobic pounding involved for men and if the woman is on top or supporting her body weight with her arms, they can get quite the workout as well!

Even when you call into one of our sexy one on one lines, if you are working your way up to a big O, chances are you are moving around and breathing heavy!

So lets take a look at how many calories we can burn during sex. You can then take this information, plug it into a “fitness” and “diet” app and figure out just how many times a week you will need to bang one out to get fit in 2018.

Sex researchers used a 151-pound man as the example, so you will burn more or less calories depending on your weight, and estimated that he will burn 3.5 calories per minute. So if you and your loved one or hook up for the evening decide to get down and dirty and it lasts for an hour, you would burn 210 calories. Not too shabby.

Typically a phone sex session may not run you a full hour, but it’s a great way to set a goal with your partner to get your hearts pumping. Also, when you call into one of our one on one sessions, foreplay can take a while, as does leading up to a climax, so you may actually burn more calories during a call in session than you do during a real life quickie!

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