Avoid the Friendzone With Phone Sex Chat

Are you crushing on a girl who has you firmly in the friend-zone? That dreaded ‘just friends’ space can be frustrating, but following these simple tips just may shake things up and get you out of the friend-zone and into the boyfriend territory.

First, don’t be constantly available and at her beck and call. Act like you are too busy to entertain her when she is bored, even if you aren’t busy. By making your time a commodity she won’t be able to take for granted that you are going to come running anytime she chooses.

Second, pretend you have met someone online. Just casually mention you have met a cool girl, don’t give many details let her imagination run wild. Next time she asks you to do something say no, you have plans to game or watch a movie with your online love interest. This increases your value and how she responds to taking a back seat when it comes to your time and attention will tell you a lot.

Finally, have some fun with other girls on phone sex chat. Broadening your focus beyond your ‘friend’ will be good for you and show her you aren’t her bitch. Phone sex chat is free for everyone to try so there’s plenty of singles and couples who are local to you looking to connect for spicy adult encounters. Phone sex chat is a great place to have anonymous sexy phone fun. Give the friend-zone the boot and connect with girls who wanna have fun at phone sex chat today!