Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women

Fellas who notoriously and conveniently have to be somewhere the second they are done having sex are disappointing women across the country. A new study shows that women enjoy sex 30 percent more when their partner stays for a cuddle or spooning session after the dirty deed.

Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women
Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women

The study by the Sex Information and Education Council found that cuddling is just as important to women as foreplay. So if you meet someone on your local chat line, we suggest staying and canoodling after the sex is done.

Obviously men aren’t taking in these stats, 53 percent of men ditch their partner after sexual intercourse. Guys! Stay with your girl after satisfying her, there is a better chance of it happening again if you cuddle afterwards. The study claims cuddling will better the chances for another freak session.

Most women get turned off when their partners just turn over and pass out right after sex. This makes women feel unsatisfied and typically used when their partners immediately lose interest right after sex.

Cuddling and just talking or joking around after sex stimulates a woman’s sense of appreciation. Cuddling after sex can also be a start up for round two.

Even though you may be exhausted, hot and sweaty from fucking, that doesn’t stop your dopamine from being released during your cuddle session. Yes, you may need a breather, but cuddling increases your sexual desire. Cuddling can lead up to a second serving up sex along with making a happier relationship and helping with affection.

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We have connected couples into long-term and serious relationships, a statement to the realness of our local and live chat lines. Kind of like the statement a man can make by cuddling with their partner after sex, just like you made the effort to call up our phone chat lines, seal the deal with a nice cuddle spell.