Bet You Haven’t Heard All These Dating Tips

It seems everyone is talking about the most popular dating tips. Common ones are making good first impressions and avoiding conversation about any of your ex-partners. There are a few tips, though, that people tend not to talk about nearly as much. Have you heard these tips? Which ones do you apply, and which ones do you utilize?

Bet You Haven't Heard All These Dating Tips
Bet You Haven’t Heard All These Dating Tips

Underutilized Tip # 1- Turn Off Your Phone

One of the biggest pet peeves that people have on dates is that people are talking on their phones, texting people, and chatting on messenger programs during dates.

While sending an update once or twice about the date is fine, especially if it at a fun place, keep your phone out of your date as much as possible. The less you interact with your phone, the more your date will feel they are getting your attention.

Underutilized Tip # 2- Plan Dates For Places You Feel Comfortable

Hopefully, the other person on the phone date is honest about what they want and their interests as well because that means there is a higher likelihood that you will both end up in a place that the two of you like.

The same goes for wearing clothing that you feel comfortable in. If you try to change yourself for the date, or go to places you aren’t comfortable, it can add more stress to the date and change how well the date goes.

Underutilized Tip # 3- Follow Through Correctly

This one is out there; people already know it is essential. Still, many seem to fail miserably at it and fail a lot more often than they should. Don’t be that guy or girl. Regardless of how the date went, send a follow-up.

Most of the time, a polite thank you is a good thing even if you don’t plan on another date. Just make sure to let them know that you don’t want another date if that’s the case.

There are many more tips in the articles here. Learning them and using the ones that speak to you is just the smart thing to do. However the best way to get tips is to call a sex chatline and first hand experience.