Phone Sex Helped Me Fulfill My Public Sex Fantasy

Have you ever dreamt about getting sucked and fucked in a public place but don’t want to risk spending the night in the slammer? Role-play is a lot of fun but you always want to make sure you are doing it in a safe way on a free trial chat line. Plus, nobody wants to end up in jail for a public wanking.

Phone Sex Helped Me Fulfill My Public Sex Fantasy
Phone Sex Helped Me Fulfill My Public Sex Fantasy

There are many ways you can role-play, with your partner, in adult chat, or on a phonesex line. Do what I did and use phone sex to get off. It is great because there is always someone there interested in your fantasy. Take off your pants, pick up your phone, and have some fun.

Before I jump into my role-play I like to have it outlined with an erotic story. This is a good way to flesh out what you are looking for in your fantasy. Plus you can give it to your role-play partner as a kind of script outline of what you want to happen. Here’s the phone sex scenario that leaves me cumming.

We got to the restaurant and immediately grabbed the corner booth. The place was packed which made it more exciting. I could feel my throbbing cock growing in my pants as I took a seat. I already knew what was going to happen. We talked about it before we ever arrive.

As soon as we sat down, he got to work. She unzipped my pants and I let out a soft moan. It was loud enough for the couple next to us to hear me. It turned me on to know they knew I was getting aroused and about to get the hand job of my life.

But she glared at me to be quite. I almost laughed so hard it killed the mood, but instead I got more excited and a little quieter. After all, we didn’t want to truly get caught.

She took my thick cock and started jerking me off, slowly at first. She paused to wipe the pre-cum on the head of my cock down the shaft and then began pumping again. “Fuck that feels so good.” “I bet I can make you feel better.” She said. She looked around for a moment, still jerking my stiff cock and slid under the table.

She quickly pulled my pants down to my knees and I immediately felt her tongue on my shaft. “Oh Jesus.” I gasped. The thought of a restaurant full of people knowing I was about to get the blowjob nearly made my blow my load. The waiter came up to the table and brought me our salads. He smiled slyly and walked away quickly.

I began to eat my salad as she took my fully erect seven inches in her mouth and deep throated me. The warmth of her mouth and my dick sliding down her throat brought me to the verge of cumming. She slowed down and worked my balls while she jerked me off.

As the waiter approached the table she began to blow me again. I pushed her head into my dick and blew my load just as the waiter asked me if I was enjoying the new creamy dressing. She laughed and I peeked under the table as she licked up the last of my hot load from her face.

In real life I could never do this, but in fantasy I can. I told this to the sexy woman on the phone with me and she liked my story. Soon she asked me how I like my meat prepared and we were deep into my fantasy.

Live Out Your Fantasy Through Phone Sex

How do you go about finding someone willing to go all the way? Are there just some things you’ve never done, but can’t stop jerking off over? A free trial chat line is great way to live out your fantasy.

Live Out Your Fantasy Through Phone Sex
Live Out Your Fantasy Through Phone Sex

What is that scenario that just rocks your boat? Are you a sexy sailor that is only in port for the night? If you can think it, you can role-play it. Take your time to plan out the specific details and share it with your partner. Maybe you don’t have a fantasy but your partner does. Ask them questions, for instance, do they want you naughty or nice?

Are you male or female, remember this is fantasy phone sex, you don’t have to stick to your real gender. What kind of voice do they want you to use? Sometimes sticking with your own voice is just as sexy if you want to keep is serious. Maybe you want to be space cowboys, from a futuristic planet where sex is outlawed.

What things can you actually do to yourself while on the phone? Your phone mate may not really be there, but it’s not cheating to grab your favorite vibrator, dildo or even throw on a porno for visual aid. Some of us are just visual, what’s wrong with that. Oohhhh, maybe you want to be a Pornstar! That’s a good one.

Phone sex can be foreplay to “dancing cheek to cheek,” so you don’t always have to cross the finish line on the phone. You can even have a scenario that develops over time, culminating in a real world experience. If you’re nervous that you may not be a great lover, never fear, you are as good as you say you are here.