Phone Sex is Spoken Word Erotica

What’s the difference between Erotica and Porn? Let’s start there. They both are about sex. Porn is more focused on the act of boning, with very little dialogue that creates a story. Erotica is story based. They both have a range, from soft core to hard core. Many erotica writers start off more interested in the literary aspect of their art form. The character building and sex can come as seduction, love or lust. Porn tends to be about dicks, cum shots, wet pussy’s and big tits, its more about the act rather than the foreplay.

Phone Sex is Spoken Word Erotica
Phone Sex is Spoken Word Erotica

The thing a free trial chat line & erotica have in common is words. Imaging a phone session like this: “your big dick is fucking my tits,” “I just splooged on your ass.” It sound like someone describing what they see in a porno. That’s fine, if you want a quickie, but you’re generally going to have to work for it a little harder.

Most of the time you have to stimulate someone’s mind before getting them to the point of exploding with cum. Remember, you are not there in person to stimulate their member, the only organ you have access to is their brain. A sexy chat takes time to build. Use your imagination.

You are relying completely on your ears and your imagination. Have you ever had a friend hand you their poetry and you fell asleep on page 1? Then, have you ever seen same friend read at a spoken word night? Night and day right? That is what you’re going for. You need to build a rhythm, a story, a voice and do it with conviction.

“Slowly, I crack open the bedroom door. I see you lying there, in your dominatrix outfit. You have your latex body suit on, with the boots that go up to you knees. I can see your stockings peaking out over the top of your leather boots. Your bra is off and your nipples are hard, pushing up through the tight latex. The body suite hugs every curve of your body, rounding around your firm bottom. Damn your ass is fine.

Clearly, you’ve had your last client of the day and you’ve laid down for your late night nap. This is my favorite time to catch you by surprise. You see me at the end of the bed and gasp with excitement. A wicked smile creeps across your bright red lips. I love knowing I’m the one who gets to get you off, after your hard day of work helping others.”

You are painting a scene with your words and the more detail you include, the more it becomes real and the more arousing it will be.