Rules About Dating: Who Pays?

There are a lot of rules about dating. One of the biggest sources of dating insecurity arises from the question: who pays, and for how long? Like, if you meet someone for the first time, who’s supposed to pay for the lattes – the one who asked the other person on the date, or does the guy always pay on the first date?

Rules About Dating Who Pays
Rules About Dating: Who Pays?

If you follow that school of thought, the next question begs, when does the “he pays” rule change? There are the girls who learned that if she pays for the date, or at least her half of the tab, then he won’t/can’t have any expectations, and that keeps her in a power position over her own sexuality. Others then ask, what does that do to a man’s sense of masculinity?

To make these questions further complicated in real world settings, one must ask: do all of those rules go right out the window when it’s two girls on a date, or two guys on their first date? What if there’s a major disparity in incomes between the dating partners?

Then what happens if one person was raised by traditionalists, and the other was raised by progressive parents? They’ll have completely different ideas about who buys the drinks.

Just the fiscal aspect of dating can make going out with someone new such a hassle, at the very least; or a total disaster, because each person is so worried about what’s expected of them that they never really get the chance to check out the person sitting right in front of them!

Let’s face it, it’s embarrassing to talk about money, especially with someone that you may or may not become intimate with, eventually.

That’s why phone dating really is a great way to start meeting new locals. You get to spend time on the phone, actually having real conversations without the pressure about who’s going to pay for this bit of time together. You just get to learn about this person, and talk about this topic before you actually meet up in real life!

You’ll go into your first date feeling confident, because you’ve figured it all out in advance! Which will help with every other aspect of your future relationship, too! Share who you are, and find someone compatible without ever leaving your house. Plus, you’ll never have to pay for a really bad date ever again!

Use Phone Sex To Survive Living Together

Before me and my girlfriend lived together, we couldn’t get enough of each other. She was spending the night at my place at least 5 nights a week, for sex and snuggles, you name it!

Use Phone Sex To Survive Living Together
Use Phone Sex To Survive Living Together

Well, because we were always together, we thought it would be so much more economical for us to split the rent on one place, right?! Of course, the option to have wild sex 7 days a week was the major selling point using a phone fuck line!

Well, it turns out that sometimes moving in with each other isn’t so hot. I mean, we split everything right down the middle. And it’s really awkward to try to get freaky when you just had a “long talk” about the new household budget.

It’s not like we’re married, or anything, but cohabitation just sucks the life out of a once sex-based relationship, am I right?

I don’t know, I just got tired of feeling like the other half of a paycheck. I became her roommate, instead of her lover. Sex slowly fizzled, then it just stopped. I have a healthy sex drive, and I needed an outlet for that.

So, I started calling into a cheap phone sex line. The first time, I was really nervous, but the sexiest voice I’d ever heard came on the line and the chemistry! It was like she could read my mind and tug out all my dirtiest fantasies!

I’m in a really weird situation with my supposed girlfriend, and not exactly in a position to break up or anything, so phone sex is the solution I found to keep me feeling sexy and alive – and I mean totally satisfied – to the point that I don’t even care if I’ve been reduced to a co-tenant in her eyes.

I’m getting all my fantasies and more taken care of, just by picking up my smartphone! That’s one of the few things she and I don’t share, so I’m free to phone and fuck all I want!